Helpful hints to using social media

Here are a few good blogs to follow if you are interested in social media for a non profit or small organization. I have found all of these blogs helpful in choosing a social media site that is right for your organization. Also attached is a tutorial on how to get started and how one can benefit from using social media.

Social Media Tutorial 

1. Social media explorer

Jason Falls

2.The brand builder blog

Oliver Blanchard

3. Convince and Convert

Jay Baer

4. Future Buzz

Adam Singers

5. Soshable

J.D. Rucker

6. lkr

Laura Roeder

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Hashable the Next Big Thing

Our class assignment was to blog about what I think the next big thing in social media will be. I sat and thought of all of the social networking sites and thought what could be next. It seems every week I hear of some new website or application that I have to check out. To be honest between Facebook, Twitter, wordpress, online newspapers, Youtube, Four Square, Tumbler, Myspace, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others, I am on information overload.

But for the purpose of this blog I used google to see what the rest of the “world” thinks the next big thing will be.

And of course since I used Google as my search engine, Google+ was on the top of the lists of the next big thing in social media. But I disagree if Google+ was going to be the next big it would be by now.

After reading the blog The Next Big Thing in Social Media I found that these 5 candidates actually could easily be the next big thing.

Out of the 5 I think will soon be huge in the social media world. Hashable allows users to exchange contact information, to see who their friends are networking with, and to privately or publicly track phone calls, meetings, and events. This is a combination of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Using Hashable one can maintain professional and social relationships without having to create separate sites for each.

Hashable is a great site for college students to join because it helps create a business card to send to potential employers and you can also use it as a calendar and enter meeting times and dates which it will sort and remind you of.

Social media is changing everyday and with as many sites that are out there it is hard to pick only one. So your social media sites wisely because the big one that you think will never change may not be there in two years.

For a humorous look on how to use Hashable check out this video.

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Have fun with “Videolicious”

Videolicious is an application for the iPhone. With this app you can create a video with voice over and picture.

I found this application from reading a blog I found on Yahoo. With the application it is simple to use. I love using this app because it gives me the chance to create a fun and useful video to send to my friends an family.

I create videolicious videos because they are simple and a great idea to show people an event you went to or just an update on how your day is going.

Another perk is it is FREE! I usually only download apps if they are free or cheap. I find myself using this app because it is quick to make videos and when you send them to people they are amazed at the end product.

This is how it works, honestly it would probably be quicker to download the application and follow the directions than read the how to. That is how simple it is!

It gives you options for what genre of video you would like to make. For example, trip documentary, product review, my day.

You start with opening the app and then it tells you to record something. After you record and you like how it looks and sounds you then go to camera roll and add pictures. It allows 10 photos to go along with the 30 second video.

Then after the video and pictures are chosen it gives a few choices of music to play in the background of the video or you can take music from your itunes library.

Once the video, pictures and music are picked you press one button and the iPhone combines them all for you. The end product is a 30 second multi picture, video and music production.

Here is a website to help you understand the application more if interested.

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Mister Splashy Pants Influences Social Media

I watched a Ted talk by Alexis Ohanian, c0-founder of Reddit. He talked about how people through social media can make a difference. The story of Mister Splashy Pants is how this talk got started. Watch this funny 4 minute talk and understand how social media is controlled by the publics.

Now after watching the talk you can see that it is important for organizations to listen to what the people want. At first when Greenpeace was not thrilled with the name they tried to keep the poll up longer. In the end when Greenpeace listened to the people who wanted the name Mister Splashy Pants for the whale they had more followers of the issue. The organization also gained profit by creating items for interested people to buy therefore gaining profit for their organization.

I used this Ted talk to go more in-depth with my personal learning plan of using social media to help small or non profit organizations. By using the Internet an organization can gain participants without having to spend money to do so.

And this is kind of how the Internet works, This is that great big secret. Because the Internet proves this level playing field. Your link is just as good as your link, which is just as good as my link. As long as we have a browser, anyone can get to any website no matter how big a budget you have. 

Just by this idea of using a link to link with another and so on and so on it creates a way to spread information among people. Giving people the chance to vote and give ideas makes it easy for an organization to know what the people want.

As a final message Ohanian says,

Be genuine about it. Be honest. Be up front. And one of the great lessons that Greenpeace actually learned was that it’s okay to lose control. It’s okay to take yourself a little less seriously, given that, even though it’s a very serious cause, you could ultimately achieve your final goal.

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What is a Personal Learning Plan?

My social media class was assigned to create our own personal learning plan. For those reading this who are not in my social media class I bet your scratching your head thinking, what is a personal learning plan.

A personal learning plan is a way of taking a specific part, in this case social media, and learning how to use it in researching how to better one’s knowledge in a specific area.

To start off my plan I first had to find out what it was exactly I would find useful to myself in preparing for life after college. Being a public relations major I decided to focus on how social media can help small or nonprofit organizations. This interests me because I want to see how social media actually affects organizations and how the organization would suffer or benefit from creating a social media outlet.

To find information on how other people have answered this questions I am following social media experts on twitter, reading blogs and created a social bookmarking site on delicious. There are many different way of going about how to better a small organization through social media with it’s publics. By researching I can pick out the things I think will help me in understanding my personal learning plan better.

The blog “10 truths about social media and social business you need to know,” by Oliver Blanchard, gave me great insight on what I should be focusing on during my researching.

“Social is something you are not something you do. The “media” doesn’t dictate how social a company is or isn’t. It simply enhances its ability to be a social business – if in fact it is – or illustrates the extent to which it isn’t.”

That quote is what I plan most of my research to be on. I want small organizations to realize that social media is not something they have just because everyone else has it, but they need to focus on how it can impact their reputation.

I am going to use the local nonprofit organization to show as an example of how they can use social media to reach out to the community.

After researching my plan on how I want to integrate social media I plan on creating a “how to” tutorial for other small or nonprofit organizations. This “how to” tutorial will create an outlet for other organizations to take advice that has been researched and proven to work.

This learning plan is still a work in progress, but I think it is a great tool for anyone wanting to learn a certain part of social media.

Here is a Prezi of what I have learned so far and the social media experts I follow on twitter and the blogs I read.

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Steve Jobs impacts social media

As the world knows Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, died of pancreatic cancer on Oct. 5. I am an apple user and I never realized how often I incorporate Jobs into my everyday life. The first thing I touch in the morning is the snooze button on my iPhone. Then I proceed to checking my email on my MacBook after that I turn on my iTunes. Jobs is more involved in everyday life than most people think.

After reading blogs, news articles and tributes to Jobs I found myself feeling as if I knew the man on a first name basis.


Seven Lessons We’ve Learned from Steve Jobs” is a blog post that I found interesting because it spells out seven of the many ways Jobs created the apple brand.

Jobs created products that people wanted before they knew they wanted them.

“That doesn’t mean we don’t listen to customers, but it’s hard for them to tell you what they want when they’ve never seen anything remotely like it. Take desktop video editing. I never got one request from someone who wanted to edit movies on his computer. Yet now that people see it, they say, ‘Oh my God, that’s great!’” [Fortune, January 24 2000]

During my social media class we were asked to write a blog about Jobs in social media. Although Apple did not necessarily take part in creating a social media site, Jobs created a tool we use to access social media.

Each time I tweet, update my Facebook status and youtube, I find myself thinking “oh there is an application for that”. Without Jobs creating the apple products I think social media would still exist but it would not be on a level of immediacy we have it.

Some may think that Jobs missed out by not creating a social networking site, but when I look around my school I see students using Apple products I realize they are most likely either on a social networking site or writing a paper.

Steve Jobs has left an impact on our generation he will always be one of the world’s greatest inventors.

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Let’s Show Love

A billboard in New Jersey is striking controversial issues about Christmas. The American Atheists group spent $20,000 on a billboard that is located by the tunnel that connects New Jersey and New York. The sign reads, “ You know it’s a myth. This season, celebrate reason.”

When I saw this story I was not sure how I felt about it at first. I looked into the story more and the more I read and the longer I watched the news video clip the sadder I became. I thought this great country I call home was founded on God. What makes this atheists group think it is okay to publically bash religion.

As I was watching the news video one of the leaders of the Atheist groups says how there is not an imaginary man in the sky. Well he is right; God is more than just an imaginary man. The longer I watched and played back the video feed I had an aching in my heart for this man. It makes me question if we as Christians have ruined how the world views Christianity.

America has an estimated 50 million atheists. As much as this story is a controversial story due to the billboard expressing that Christmas is fake and there is no Jesus. The story should be about how Christians need to get out of their comfort shell and show the love of Jesus to these atheists.

On the other side of the tunnel the Catholics placed a billboard reading: “You Know It’s Real: This Season Celebrate Jesus.”

“We decided to counterpunch after a donor came forward seeking to challenge the anti-Christmas statement,” said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, a New York-based Catholic advocacy group (

Many people think it was right to place this billboard retaliating against the atheists, but what good is it really doing? That Catholic group spent $18,000 on one billboard, which seems a little wasteful and arrogant to me. Let’s show the love of Christ instead of placing billboards and fighting back and forth. Maybe then we call can have a Merry Christmas.

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