What is a Personal Learning Plan?

My social media class was assigned to create our own personal learning plan. For those reading this who are not in my social media class I bet your scratching your head thinking, what is a personal learning plan.

A personal learning plan is a way of taking a specific part, in this case social media, and learning how to use it in researching how to better one’s knowledge in a specific area.

To start off my plan I first had to find out what it was exactly I would find useful to myself in preparing for life after college. Being a public relations major I decided to focus on how social media can help small or nonprofit organizations. This interests me because I want to see how social media actually affects organizations and how the organization would suffer or benefit from creating a social media outlet.

To find information on how other people have answered this questions I am following social media experts on twitter, reading blogs and created a social bookmarking site on delicious. There are many different way of going about how to better a small organization through social media with it’s publics. By researching I can pick out the things I think will help me in understanding my personal learning plan better.

The blog “10 truths about social media and social business you need to know,” by Oliver Blanchard, gave me great insight on what I should be focusing on during my researching.

“Social is something you are not something you do. The “media” doesn’t dictate how social a company is or isn’t. It simply enhances its ability to be a social business – if in fact it is – or illustrates the extent to which it isn’t.”

That quote is what I plan most of my research to be on. I want small organizations to realize that social media is not something they have just because everyone else has it, but they need to focus on how it can impact their reputation.

I am going to use the local nonprofit organization to show as an example of how they can use social media to reach out to the community.

After researching my plan on how I want to integrate social media I plan on creating a “how to” tutorial for other small or nonprofit organizations. This “how to” tutorial will create an outlet for other organizations to take advice that has been researched and proven to work.

This learning plan is still a work in progress, but I think it is a great tool for anyone wanting to learn a certain part of social media.

Here is a Prezi of what I have learned so far and the social media experts I follow on twitter and the blogs I read.

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4 Responses to What is a Personal Learning Plan?

  1. Caleb Stallings says:

    As someone who is studying museums, your focus on non-profits gets me really excited. I think non-profits are going to be a great resource for how to use social media in the future. Keep posting your findings. I would love to see what comes up in your research.

  2. stephencapps says:

    I met with a couple guys from a non-profit organization last week and talked with them some about how to effectively go about getting continuing support (not just a one-time guilt donation), and we talked a bit about social media. I’m curious to hear more about what you find.

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