Mister Splashy Pants Influences Social Media

I watched a Ted talk by Alexis Ohanian, c0-founder of Reddit. He talked about how people through social media can make a difference. The story of Mister Splashy Pants is how this talk got started. Watch this funny 4 minute talk and understand how social media is controlled by the publics.

Now after watching the talk you can see that it is important for organizations to listen to what the people want. At first when Greenpeace was not thrilled with the name they tried to keep the poll up longer. In the end when Greenpeace listened to the people who wanted the name Mister Splashy Pants for the whale they had more followers of the issue. The organization also gained profit by creating items for interested people to buy therefore gaining profit for their organization.

I used this Ted talk to go more in-depth with my personal learning plan of using social media to help small or non profit organizations. By using the Internet an organization can gain participants without having to spend money to do so.

And this is kind of how the Internet works, This is that great big secret. Because the Internet proves this level playing field. Your link is just as good as your link, which is just as good as my link. As long as we have a browser, anyone can get to any website no matter how big a budget you have. 

Just by this idea of using a link to link with another and so on and so on it creates a way to spread information among people. Giving people the chance to vote and give ideas makes it easy for an organization to know what the people want.

As a final message Ohanian says,

Be genuine about it. Be honest. Be up front. And one of the great lessons that Greenpeace actually learned was that it’s okay to lose control. It’s okay to take yourself a little less seriously, given that, even though it’s a very serious cause, you could ultimately achieve your final goal.

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3 Responses to Mister Splashy Pants Influences Social Media

  1. fntaraczkozy says:

    Two way communication doesn’t work unless both parties are listening. Enjoyed your post, and your choice of video.

  2. I love how the people have the power because of social media. We have the ability to spread any movement or idea so easily. Mr. Splashy Pants is just one of hundreds of ways people have driven change through the Internet.
    Great post!

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