Have fun with “Videolicious”

Videolicious is an application for the iPhone. With this app you can create a video with voice over and picture.

I found this application from reading a blog I found on Yahoo. With the application it is simple to use. I love using this app because it gives me the chance to create a fun and useful video to send to my friends an family.

I create videolicious videos because they are simple and a great idea to show people an event you went to or just an update on how your day is going.

Another perk is it is FREE! I usually only download apps if they are free or cheap. I find myself using this app because it is quick to make videos and when you send them to people they are amazed at the end product.

This is how it works, honestly it would probably be quicker to download the application and follow the directions than read the how to. That is how simple it is!

It gives you options for what genre of video you would like to make. For example, trip documentary, product review, my day.

You start with opening the app and then it tells you to record something. After you record and you like how it looks and sounds you then go to camera roll and add pictures. It allows 10 photos to go along with the 30 second video.

Then after the video and pictures are chosen it gives a few choices of music to play in the background of the video or you can take music from your itunes library.

Once the video, pictures and music are picked you press one button and the iPhone combines them all for you. The end product is a 30 second multi picture, video and music production.

Here is a website to help you understand the application more if interested.


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4 Responses to Have fun with “Videolicious”

  1. courtneyhays says:

    This is a cool app! Whenever I get an iPhone…if I ever do… ill have to make sure I get this app. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have always wanted to do something like this but have always felt like it is too much work. This app allows you to make these videos and put them together in one production. LOVE IT! I will definitely be trying this on one of my trips.

  3. jrobbins11 says:

    Why haven’t I heard of this app before? Thanks for sharing… I feel like this app has great possibilities for broadcast journalist to use as a tool in the field!

  4. hlutz88 says:

    Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you all will put the app to good use!

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