Hashable the Next Big Thing

Our class assignment was to blog about what I think the next big thing in social media will be. I sat and thought of all of the social networking sites and thought what could be next. It seems every week I hear of some new website or application that I have to check out. To be honest between Facebook, Twitter, wordpress, online newspapers, Youtube, Four Square, Tumbler, Myspace, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others, I am on information overload.

But for the purpose of this blog I used google to see what the rest of the “world” thinks the next big thing will be.

And of course since I used Google as my search engine, Google+ was on the top of the lists of the next big thing in social media. But I disagree if Google+ was going to be the next big it would be by now.

After reading the blog The Next Big Thing in Social Media I found that these 5 candidates actually could easily be the next big thing.

Out of the 5 I think Hashable.com will soon be huge in the social media world. Hashable allows users to exchange contact information, to see who their friends are networking with, and to privately or publicly track phone calls, meetings, and events. This is a combination of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Using Hashable one can maintain professional and social relationships without having to create separate sites for each.

Hashable is a great site for college students to join because it helps create a business card to send to potential employers and you can also use it as a calendar and enter meeting times and dates which it will sort and remind you of.

Social media is changing everyday and with as many sites that are out there it is hard to pick only one. So your social media sites wisely because the big one that you think will never change may not be there in two years.

For a humorous look on how to use Hashable check out this video.


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One Response to Hashable the Next Big Thing

  1. My favorite feature about this up and coming site, is that you can separate professional and personal relationships. I feel like when I enter the real world, I’ll have to do some revamping of my social networking accounts. Not that I post any inappropriate content, but I think I speak for most college students when I say most content we post is not necessarily bad, just not professional or purposeful. It will be interesting to see if Hashable gains popularity.

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